The Shapelinks Network Path,
Showing us what YOU can do is better than
telling us what you can do.

The Shapelinks Network Path of Masters and Champions,
created for you
by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
the Godfather of EyeCandy,

Best Shortcuts | Building Castles with Dreams and Shortcuts
| Mister-Shortcut

Best Shortcuts. Building Castles with your greatest dreams and shortcuts.
Mister-Shortcut, Godfather of EyeCandy. Wehether these interactive pages of EyeCandy and PowerGems prove to be your most empowering website is entirely up to you. The effort has been made, the die are cast. More magic, more power, than you've ever encountered from a single source, now the devices of your success are in your palm, awaiting your grasp and grip.

Best Shortcuts | Building Castles with Dreams and and your best shortcuts
| Mister-Shortcut

More than five thousand masters millionaires, champions and billionaires interviewed or dined with, almost all of them individually. Their shortcuts will be your shortcuts. There are no exceptions. No matter what you do in this life, there are fantastic and powerful shortcuts.

You will surely agree that the best sources of the best shortcuts are, naturally, those who have used and more, continue to use those guaranteed shortcuts, those wonderful PowerGems of life that work everywhere they use them. That translates into everywhere you use them. NOT NECESSARILY every single time you use it; quite the contrary. It is when you use them as a matter of habit that they deliver for you, faster and more consistently than through any other identified human method of accelerating one's results.

Building castles with you is a great idea,
provided the foundation is built to sustain all that follows.

Whatever your greatest dreams and shortcuts. let's remember:
Less talk.   More action.

the Shapelinks Network Path, with Mister-Shortcut, Godfather of EyeCandy.
Reach for the best in you. Take advantage of the great information from those who came first.

Best Shortcuts. Building Castles with you for the purpose of achieving your greatest dreams with the use of the best shortcuts of repeat winners and leaders -- true role models.

the Shapelinks Network Path, from a generation's Godfather of EyeCandy.
These are the best shortcuts of our time,
the best shortcuts of all time.... all here for your life.

One of the most observable facts in pursuing the best shortcuts is first looking for the people who achieve more.
Without a doubt, THEY use the best shortcuts. They usually turn out to be masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Far more often than not, such people fit into at least two, and very often three of these categories of role model.
Since these are the people who do things best among us, aren't they the best qualified to teach us?
With respect to the best shortcuts of masters, the best shortcuts of millionaires, and yes,
the best and so many other role models,
are all found the be the same methods, the same approaches and attitudes,
all of which add up to YOUR best shortcuts for succeeding faster.
The Shapelinks Network Path is devoted to precisely that:
empowering people to empower themselves, naturally,
and with the Best shortcuts of history.
Enjoy The Shapelinks Network Path,
compliments of Mr-Shortcuts.

Considering that no one can live your life for you, or know your sorrows and joys,
how much more incumbent upon you to live the life that YOU find exciting or fulfilling!
You can make excuses all day long for operating at 70 or 50 or 20% of what you could be.
Conversely, you can invest your energy into the opposite of finding blame and fault, with solutions.
What you focus upon the most is what you will move towards.

Since the Shapelinks Network Path is already within you,
is it not sensible for you to use the greatest shortcuts?