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Enjoy your visits to the Shapelinks Network Path. It's all about YOU here, in both senses of the phrase.
So, too, with your own Health Guide For Living : the more you give to it, the more it gives to you.

Since you only get about three billion heartbeats in life, it pays you fantastically well to lower your heart rate.
You think that twenty-five thousand days to live your life is sooooo many. Slow down and think again.
How many years are you alive? Multiply that by three. Now add two zeroes. Can you count well?
You have just told us nearly as many days as you have already used up, most wastefully.
The funny thing about time is that it does not slow down; it goes much faster as it passes.
How recently does it seem that you went through any of your earlier life experiences?
Since we know in advance that it does go by faster, does it not increase urgency?
Does it not push you to go ahead and put a deadline on a dream you have,
transmogrifying it in the Shapelinks Network Path table of terms to a goal?
Today is so rare that it's marked uniquely, never to return in your life.
How many things do you own that are so exquisitely recorded?
Even down to a hundredth or thousandth of a second, it's time.

Shortcuts and PowerGems - the path to accelerated excellence.

Remember 911day.     Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   

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